Fun Accessories for a Pontoon Boat in Rocklin

Many people choose a pontoon boat in Rocklin because of its versatility and the ability to carry numerous passengers for a fun day on the water. While these boats come with many fantastic features to enhance your experience, many boat owners prefer to add fun accessories to customize the boat. The following are some of the fun features you should consider adding.

Mood Lighting

While mood lighting won’t have much impact during daylight hours, adding fun lighting features to your pontoon boat in Rocklin can be a fun way to create a party atmosphere if you plan to take your boat out for sunset runs or late-night fun. Some types of mood lighting today include smartphone controls, so you can change the colors and lighting patterns to fit your preferences.

Fishing Accessories

If you plan to use your pontoon boat in Rocklin for fishing excursions, you’ll find useful accessories that make fishing easier and more enjoyable. For instance, consider adding fishing rod mounts to the rails on your pontoon boat so you don’t have to continually hold the rod or to allow you to keep several lines in the water at once. You’ll also find storage options for conveniently storing your catch until you get back to land.

A Diving Board

If one of your primary intentions for your pontoon boat in Rocklin is to find new swimming spots on lakes and rivers, installing a diving board can be an excellent option. These small diving boards attach securely to the deck of your boat and give your passengers a fun way to enter the water when you stop for a swim. Make sure you also install a ladder to make it easier for swimmers to get back on board.

If you’re interested in investing in a pontoon boat in Rocklin, visit NorCal MasterCraft to browse through their selection of boats and accessories.

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