Compromise is Not an Option When You Need the Best in Marine Flooring

Marine flooring is something you will probably never think about until you need it. The folks at DEKit think about it all the time because their business is to provide you with the best. Watercraft of all types including houseboats, sailboats, commercial crafts as well as jet skis and so many others can benefit from this alternative to conventional non-skid flooring.

Plusses of DEKit
Boats and other water vessels require non-skid flooring for the safety of passengers and crew. When you can improve upon a good idea, fewer injuries will occur and your experience on the water will be a better one. DEKit has come up with an innovative alternative to the standard non-skid floor. This product is a combination of PE and EVA foam that is not only comfortable to walk on it will last for up to seven years.

Their partnership with 3M has contributed to the success of the deck material by utilizing PSA and UV materials for protection and to slow deterioration. DEKit can withstand light amplification, which is the intensification of the sun’s rays when reflected off of a shiny surface and reflected onto the deck.

Options for Your Deck
DEKit offers custom made non-skid flooring that can include your choice of color or color combinations, pattern, and thickness. Your logo can be made to your requirements and can be placed on the flooring, strategically placed as you like. You can have the deck applied over your current flooring or by itself.

Non-Skid Flooring at Its Best
Check out DEKit at for more information on their superior alternative to non-skid marine flooring.

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