Four Unexpected Businesses That Require Laundry Equipment in San Antonio TX

Many people realize that certain businesses require the use of laundry services. A dry cleaner and laundry mat, for example, or two commonly thought of places. There are other places, however, that do not usually come to mind when people think of laundry. Here are four unexpected businesses that require Laundry Equipment in San Antonio TX.

A Restaurant

Although it may not be true of some, fancier restaurants typically utilize laundry equipment. They have cloth napkins, as well as aprons, that need to be washed. While some may have their items taken to a dry cleaners, others have equipment on site to get everything washed and ready for the next use themselves.

Apartment Building

Many apartment buildings do not offer in-home laundry hookups. Instead, they have coin-operated washers and dryers located in a private laundry room. This means residents can spend a few quarters at each machine and get their laundry done on-site instead of taking it elsewhere.

Daycare Center

Daycare Centers usually provide cribs or other sleeping areas for babies and toddlers. This means there are sheets and blankets around that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Many centers possess their own laundry equipment so they do not have to take their linens elsewhere.


Most gyms offer extensive services for their customers. They not only provide the gym equipment and towels to wipe off, but many also have pool areas, spas, and other fun activities that guests can participate in. With various linens needed for these activities, it is important for gyms to have an on-site laundry facility so they can keep everything clean and ready for the next use.

Laundry Equipment in San Antonio TX comes in many forms. From full size washers and dryers, to portable machines, liquid detergent dispensers, and even replacement parts, there are a variety of items available to meet everyone’s needs. Whether the equipment is for a daycare center, gym, apartment building, restaurant, or any other place of business that needs it, each location can receive the ideal equipment they need to have their towels, linens, and other items washed efficiently.

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