Four Types of Oral Health Care Services in Sutherlin Oregon

Proper oral care is necessary for those looking to care for their teeth and keep them strong enough to chew like they are meant to. Whether someone needs routine dental care or an emergency service is needed, the Harvard Dental Group can handle their needs. There are four main types of Oral Health Care Services Sutherlin Oregon residents have access to.

Consistent Check-Ups

Every six months, patients are recommended to have dental check-ups. This ensures the teeth are properly taken care of, and no underlying issues have developed. These check-ups need to be done on a consistent basis in order for them to have any merit.

Oral Cancer Screening

Those who have closely related family members that have experienced oral cancer have a higher risk of developing it themselves. If this is the case, an oral cancer screening should be performed. The screening will catch the cancer before symptoms have even arisen, allowing the disease to be dealt with before it has the chance to spread and become worse. website for more details.

Night Guard Fitting

Oral Health Care Services Sutherlin Oregon residents receive includes night guard fitting. Those who consistently grind their teeth at night, or have TMJ disease, need the night guards to help their mouths stay safe. Everyone will get a guard that fits properly in their mouth and is as comfortable as possible.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Cavities used to be covered with copper fillings or gold. Now, patients can choose to have tooth colored fillings instead. This is so the cavity can still be filled, yet it will not be noticeable that it was. Older style fillings were easily visible, especially when the fillings were located on the outer portion of the teeth. With these new fillings, no one will be able to tell a filling is even there.

Dental services are needed regularly to keep the mouth in the best possible shape. Oral Health Care Services Sutherlin Oregon residents receive is not only to have a nice smile, but also to improve overall dental health. Oral hygiene can be linked to other illnesses, so keeping the mouth clean and fresh is never a bad idea. For more information contact Harvard Dental Group.

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