5 Benefits of Rackmount KVM Drawers for Small and Big Businesses

Rackmount KVM drawers allow control of keyboard, video, and mouse from a single location. These devices eliminate the need of different devices to display and control the computer systems. The KVM drawers come with an integrated 4, 8, or 16 PS2 and USB style switches. The unit allows saving of cost and space in managing different devices. Requirement of fewer monitors not only frees up space but also reduces power consumed by multiple computer systems. Here, we will shed light on five benefits of rackmount devices that make it an ideal choice for both small and big businesses.

1. Frees Up Storage Space
Rackmount KVM drawers free up the space taken by keyboard, mouse, and monitor. The drawer offers great space saving solution for small businesses. The industrial strength devices take less space and also do not require any cooling. The KVM units generate minimum heat and can operate at normal room temperatures.

2. User Ease and Convenience
Rackmount KVM drawers depths range from about 19” to 25” depending on the model you choose. The drawers have two-inch wide palm rest space that provides convenience for the users. Moreover, the keyboards have ball bearings that hold the unit in position and prevent the unit from sliding during use. The drawer movements are not restricted by the cables. The reason is that the rackmount KVM drawers come with a rear mounted cable carriers.

3. Variety of Features
Another benefit of rackmounted KVM drawers is that they can support a variety of video and input devices. The rackmounted drawers can support latest input devices like HDMI and DVI. They are also compatible with old video input devices like VGA, S-Video, BN, or Composite RCA. The devices also support multiple keyboard languages. Moreover, the rackmounted drawers support both PS2 and USB keyboard and mouse.

4. Variable Power Output
Rackmounted drawers support variable power options. They are available in 12, 24, and 48 voltage DC powers. The units are certified with FCC, CE, and ROHS which means they generate minimum electromagnetic hindrance in the area.

5. Managing Multiple Computers
Finally, rackmounted drawers allow system administrators to set-up, manage, and upgrade multiple computer devices from a single location. This also reduces the time required to trouble shoot the computers. Finally, the downtime for maintaining the device also reduces due to centralized location for managing different computers.

To sum up, rackmounted KVM drawers is the perfect solution for both small and big businesses. The units allows companies to save storage and power cost on hosting multiple computers. The unit makes it easy for the administrator to control multiple server and devices from one location. This ensures minimum downtime of the computer system during system upgrades and maintenance.

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