Floorcloths to Match Your Existing Décor

Floorcloths are canvas rugs that are hand-painted and treated to ensure they last a long time. These floor coverings originated in Europe over 400 years ago and were common in the US starting in the 1700s, mostly imported They were popular during the 18th and 19th centuries but were replaced gradually by synthetic floor coverings. However, in recent years they have gained great popularity once again due to the interest in handcrafted artwork and the popularity of hardwood floors. At Ariel Grace Design, we offer beautiful, custom-designed floorcloths to help you match and enhance your exist décor.

The Uniqueness of Custom Floorcloths

Floor cloths provide protection for surfaces they cover and also add style, character, and color to the areas in which they are placed. These floor coverings are handcrafted and therefore unique. No two are alike, even if the design is the same. You can have floor cloths that are customized to your personal design tastes and specifications.

Places Floorcloths Can Be Used

A floor cloth is ideal for use in any area of the home without a carpet, such as on a hardwood or concrete floor. They are an excellent option for living rooms, family rooms, under coffee tables, under a dining room table, near a sink, or in a powder room, child’s room, hallway, or entry foyer. Some have even used floorcloths as table protectors and wall hangings.

Choosing Floorcloths That Complement Your Interior Décor

You can opt for one of our existing floorcloth designs or choose a design based on your specific design preferences, including colors and size. In order to get a floor cloth that matches your existing décor, carefully evaluate the space where you plan to place the floor covering. Take note of the colors of your walls, floor, furniture, curtains, pictures, paintings, and other room accessories, if any. Determine the size of the floor covering you need. If you are placing a floor cloth in a dining area, make sure you leave sufficient room for chairs to move easily.

To ensure accurate color matching, you can send us fabric samples of curtains or upholstery, wallpaper samples, wall color sample swatches, in addition to photos of the room. Photos alone may not show colors accurately.

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