Beautify Your Home With the Timeless Elegance of Custom Floor Cloths

Rugs are not the only option for decorating your floor. Elegant, easy-care floor cloths can transform any interior space with a unique design and eye-catching color. These timeless, elegant floor coverings are suitable for any decorating style.

Benefits of Floor Cloths

Why would you choose a floor cloth or floor covering over a rug? Carpet loses its color quickly and can develop a crushed, matted look. It also holds onto stains and odors. Floor cloths have none of these problems.

  • Floor cloths require very little maintenance to stay looking gorgeous for decades.
  • Thick, high quality canvas fabric is rugged and water resistant.
  • Several coats of high quality paint create rich color depth that won’t fade or crack.
  • Six layers of polyurethane preserve the beauty of your custom floor cloths for years.
  • Floor cloths are easy to install and to move.

Floor Cloths Add Timeless Elegance To Your Home

Homeowners have used sturdy, decorated cloths to adorn their floors since at least the seventeenth century. Many of the floor coverings you see in older paintings are actually floor cloths. Custom floor cloths were a way to express the owners’ individual style and protect their wooden floors.

Today, floor cloths serve the same purposes.

Floor cloth designers base their patterns on the most prized styles developed by artists of every era. They then personalize the design with your choice of background, pattern and motif colors. These floor cloths are a beautiful choice for any home.

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