Fixing Dental Problems with Stratford CT Dental Excellence

One of the most common nightmares people have is of losing their teeth. In real life, there are many nightmarish situations that can result in chipped, broken or completely knocked out teeth. Do not despair that broken teeth mean that the tooth has to be pulled. Even completely knocked out teeth can be successfully reattached to the mouth if emergency dental surgery is done in time. Here are some tips from Dental Excellence In Stratford CT about how to handle broken or dislodged teeth.

Stop the Bleeding

Any head injury causes excessive bleeding. A mouth injury can bleed quite dramatically. Help slow down or stop the bleeding by having the injured person press sterile gauze to the bleeding site. If gauze isn’t available, use a clean cloth or dish towel. A cold compress can help with pain, swelling and bleeding.

Find and Rinse Off Tooth or Tooth Fragments

Emergency dentists can repair damaged teeth if they have the original teeth or fragments to work with. If possible, search and locate the dislodged tooth or tooth fragments. Handle them carefully so they will not become even more damaged. Try to touch only the top part and not the root area. Rinse them off but do not scrub or try to remove any flesh or gum tissue. Do not use alcohol to clean the tooth or tooth fragments.

Try Reinserting Tooth

This only works in cases when an entire tooth has been knocked out of the gums. Handle the tooth only by the top. Gently try to reinsert the tooth, but do not force anything. If the person is awake and the bleeding under control, call your emergency dentist and take the person and the tooth immediately to the dentist. The more time out of the mouth, the less likely the tooth has a chance of fitting back in the mouth.


If the person with tooth damage or knocked out teeth is unconscious, call 911 right away. The person could be suffering from a head injury. In this case, it’s more important to get the person to a hospital than to an emergency dentist.

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