Five Things Remember Before Getting a Private Tour Guide in Italy

Vacation time is fast approaching and many phone calls to travel agencies have been made. Reviews of the country have been looked through in just about every magazine and countless hours have been spent checking on the internet. The final decision has been made to enjoy the benefits of a private tour guide in Italy. Below one will find some important tips to remember before utilizing a private tour guide in Italy.

Take Important Documents

If one is fortunate enough to have children, it is always a special thing to be able to take them on vacation also. One thing to remember is to bring their important documents such as their birth certificates. Typically when arriving to other countries, verification will be needed of their place of origin (birth certificate) and without that information, it may be impossible to pass through customs. If you are fortunate enough to get through customs, you may not be able to return home without that pertinent information.

Proper Phone Numbers

It is equally as important to know where to go to locate the Consulate, Mission or Embassy from which country you are traveling from inside of the new country. The private tour guide in Italy should be able to provide one with this information at the time of ticket purchase. If for some reason you are not provided with the coordinates of the embassy, ​​one can find the information online.

Know the Rules

Before the trip, you need to know that the transportation of liquids by volume exceeding 100 ml in hand luggage is prohibited. In addition, hand baggage must not have any potentially dangerous items. For example, nail clippers would be considered potentially dangerous. Luggage will go through security checks and possibly completely gone through by TSA, dimensions of the baggage is important to know as well. There may be extra expenses if too many bags are brought – knowing the rules will save a lot of hassle and headaches.

First Aid Kit

It never hurts to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best and it is important to bring any medications that may be needed for your time away. It is difficult to navigate in foreign pharmacies, because pharmaceuticals are different. A Private Tour Guide in Italy will always advise people to go to the nearest pharmacy and buy ready-made first aid kits.

Exchange Monies

It is suggested to do this before travel but it is best to check with the private tour guide in Italy. Exchange rates are different from country to country so it is best to check out the exchange rate and see which money is more profitable. In this particular case, one would be comparing Euros and US dollars. To know more visit Italy Luxury Tours website. You can also like their Facebook page.

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