Five Comeback Foods you should order in a Restaurant

Food is an experience not only meant to be enjoyed but to entice us to discover new flavours. Here are five comeback foods that are making their way back onto menus and are worth ordering when enjoying fine dining in Edmonton:

  1. Anything Fois Gras: Fois Gras was once one of the most elegant foods to order at fine restaurants in major city centres around the world. When fine dining in Edmonton and you spot it on the menu fois gras is definitely something you want to try. Fois gras is actually goose liver which can be a turn off for some. However it is sublime in texture and flavour and so delicious you need only spread it on a piece of crusty bread, toast or even a cracker to get a truly fulfilling gastronomic experience.
  2. Game Hen: Another old school charmer, game hen, also often listed as English Game Hen is an elegant poultry dish prepared by roasting or sometimes grilling. When roasted the skin is golden and crisp and the meat becomes moist and juicy. It can be served with a number of sauces, pan drippings or gravy and is a quintessential meal of fine dining.
  3. Pork Belly: It certainly does not sound appetizing, yet pork belly is the tenderest underbelly of meat used to make everyone’s favourite cured meat, bacon. Pork belly has been embraced by culinary geniuses across North America, each with their own take on how to prepare it and all equally as yummy especially when served as a sandwich.
  4. Beef Short Ribs: Another food that has often been cast aside by newer cuts of meat, beef short ribs offer a truly scrumptious choice for meat lovers. Slow cooked to tender, fall off the bone perfection the short rib gives classic dishes such as Osso Bucco a run for their money.
  5. Hanger Steak: This is a lesser known cut of steak that is located close to the area from which they cut flank and skirt steaks. It is making a comeback much due to its exceptional flavour. Most steak lovers appreciate its intensity and it used to be called the “butcher’s tenderloin” because butchers loved its flavour and would bring it home for their families to enjoy.

Try these dishes to expand your culinary experience and discover new tastes and flavours to add to your list of favourites. These five selections will offer you an excellent choice when fine dining in Edmonton.

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