Finding the Best Pet Kennel Care in Sugar Land

Your pet is not just an animal. He or she is also a member of your family. That’s why you want to take your time and be conscientious about choosing a boarding service for your pet.

Finding the best pet kennel care in Sugar Land can be a straightforward process as long as you follow these simple tips.

Investigate the Kennel’s Background

Find out how long the owner has been in the pet kennel care business. Not only does it bode well if he or she has more experience but being well-established means that there are more reviews and referrals to get information from. Also, make sure that the kennel has any required licenses and certifications.

There are many sites online that provide a platform for consumers to review pet kennel care businesses. Conduct a quick search online to see if there are reviews available.

Visit the Facility Before Boarding Your Pet There

One of the best ways to evaluate a service is to visit it yourself before you make the decision about where to board your pet. If possible, make an unannounced visit during normal business hours. That way, you can see how the kennel operates. If this isn’t practical, set up an appointment.

Consider Other Features and Benefits

Some boarding services are more comprehensive than others. One of the best things that a kennel can offer is on-staff medical care. Some kennels may have a vet on call. Others, such as Greatwood Veterinary Hospital, are actually full-time medical facilities.

Bring Your Pet to Meet the Staff

Having your pet meet the staff prior to boarding him or her can be a great way to familiarize your pet with the facility. It also can help you choose the right facility because you’ll be able to observe how the staff and your pet interact.

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