Dodge Bearings: The K Line

When it comes to bearings, it is very difficult to surpass, those made by Dodge. For more than 120 years, they have established their reputation on producing some of the best components for rotating equipment. They have a sterling reputation among the power transmission industry in Texas based on the superior quality of their products. This praise includes Dodge bearings. It embraces not only the renowned Type E brand but also one member of the E family – the K line.

The K Line

The type K bearing first appeared in 1965. Today, it consists of twin row tapered roller bearings. They have a single spring locking collar. This reduces length through the bore. This bearing is self-aligning and is available in various mounting styles as well as in both expansion and non-expansion assemblies. Type K Dodge bearings also feature the company’s famous XTS Seal and a cast iron split housing. Texas companies have found them useful in applications where space is tight and limited.

Major Industries

The Dodge K bearings are most suitable for applications where the load ranges from light to medium, and the shaft space is tight. It is also ideal for these environments when a need exists for a statically self-aligning bearing. Industries that recognize the advantages of the K bearing are those in the following fields:

 * Aggregate and Cement
 * Air Handling
 * Baggage Handling
 * Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceuticals
 * Mining
 * Paper and Forestry

Dodge Bearings

Dodge continues to produce quality bearings. Since it first began operations some in 1880, the company has strived continually to produce quality products. When they launched Type E bearings in 1943, they founded a legacy that continues today. The Type K bearing further exemplifies the company’s dedication to providing quality products to its public. Dodge bearings exemplify, too many industries in Texas, the epitome of tough, durable and practical.

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