Find a Family Doctor in Summerwood You Feel Good About

A doctor’s ability to provide excellent care is often as much under the control of his patients as himself. He needs a lot of information about what is going on in their lives that only they can provide to him. When you are looking for a family doctor in Summerwood, make sure that you take this into account. You want to be careful to end up with a physician who interacts well with every member of your family, so that they will feel good about trusting him with important information that could help him to provide better health care.

Doctors routinely report that they struggle to help their patients because those patients aren’t complying with the instructions that they get. Much of the problem traces back to the power gap between a physician and his patient. When you’re in an exam gown, it’s difficult to assert yourself and to be clear about what changes you’re willing to make in your life and which ones just aren’t going to happen. If you have a doctor that you feel comfortable talking to, though, you can share information like whether you are willing to change your diet and exercise habits and how much. This kind of detail will, in turn, help him to make better choices about things like whether you need medication or more frequent appointments to follow up.

You also want to make sure that you feel confident your family doctor is genuinely paying attention to who you are and what is in your health history. Physicians are under a lot of pressure to take on and treat as many patients as possible, because insurance companies are always pushing them to do more for smaller reimbursements. People sometimes go to the doctor and end up with a prescription for a drug to which they are allergic, simply because the doctor was so rushed that he didn’t properly check the chart. You need to make sure that you are seeing someone who makes you feel like he’s paying attention to the details.

Your primary care physician is the person who monitors your health and refers you to other medical professionals as needed. Make sure that you are working with one who you feel you can talk to, and who truly listens and pays attention to the critical details. A great place to start is Northeast Urgent Care Clinics and Deerbrook Family Clinic.


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