Fighting For Disability Benefits Through Attorneys In Gulfport, MS

Social security disability benefits are determined by whether the applicant is eligible. On average the monthly payments are $721 in most states. Alternately, the payments could vary based on factors such as whether or not the applicant is married or not. The disability listed on the application, once proven, may also affect these payments as well as where he or she lives. For example, disabled individuals who live within an assisted-living facility may receive higher payments than those living within a private residence. If the applicant is turned down for any reason, he or she should hire Attorneys in Gulfport MS to file an appeal.

Identifying a Disability

In terms of social security determinations, the disability must prevent the individual from working in any field. Physical disabilities other than blindness must hinder the individual’s ability to work consistently and produce an income. For example, chronic illnesses such as multiple sclerosis can debilitate the individual for significant amounts of time during its progression. This illness would classify as a disability that would warrant the need for disability benefits.

Filing the Application

Any individual who faces difficulties in completing the application for disability benefits may acquire assistance through Attorneys in Gulfport MS. Adults, who have disabilities increase their odds of approval by acquiring the assistance of an attorney. They possess further knowledge of eligibility requirements and help the applicant determine what medical evidence is needed. Among the first questions asked on the application relates to the starting date of the disability.

The doctor who has provided treatment for the condition could complete the description section of the form to provide further details about it. This could add more credibility to the claim. It could eliminate the need to visit doctors who work with the Social Security Administration and allow the applicant to bypass a denial.

Income Requirements

The eligibility of applicants who are children is based on the income levels of the parent. Typically, the parent must prove that they are under, within, or just above the poverty level to receive an approval. At any time that the parent’s income increases, the SSA can make adjustments to the child’s disability benefits. They can withhold a portion of the benefits in future months, if they feel that the agency overpaid.

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