Features of a Deer-Friendly Iron Fence in Katy, TX

Property owners often contact fence installation contractors because they want a structure to keep deer out. They have become frustrated with the continued destruction of their landscaping and the possibility of the animals carrying ticks and fleas. In contrast, there are property owners who would like to have a fence but want it to be a wildlife-friendly feature. They may be considering an iron fence in Katy, TX.

Doing No Harm

Deer-friendly fencing does not mean the property owners are welcoming these animals onto their land. It might mean they want to keep the animals out while not causing them any harm.

No Decorative Spikes

In this goal, one main consideration is that an iron fence in Katy, TX must not have any decorative spikes at the top that could harm animals. Even if the fence is tall enough that it technically should deter deer from trying to scale it, animals that are hungry enough may still make the attempt. Frightened deer running from a dog or other animals also may have enough momentum to make that leap.

Narrow Bars

Deer may try to squeeze in through relatively wide bars. Bars on the fence should be narrow enough that a fawn could not get through.

The Fence Bottom

The bottom of the fence should be close to the ground and should include horizontal as well as vertical bars. Fawns are known to crawl under fences if enough open space is available. Iron fencing can be installed by Spring Klein Fence Co.

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