4 Signs That a Home Is in Dire Need of a Pest Control Service in Cabot, AR

Rats are the last thing that a homeowner wants to share their pad with. However, many people unknowingly do it anyways. Here are four unmistakable signs that it is time to enlist the help of a service offering pest control near Cabot, AR.

Unexplained Noises

Weird noises are a telltale sign of an infestation as furry guests are often heard before they are seen. Squeaking, scratching, or rattling, especially during the night, should warrant a call to a reputable company that specializes in pest control near Cabot AR.

Open Food Containers

Just like all other living beings, rodents have to eat and drink in order to survive. Once a family has settled in, they will feast on any food that is left behind and will even tamper with goodies tucked away in the pantry.

Random Body Parts

Rodents can’t live discreetly for too long. As they are notorious for getting stuck in places, they may shed their arms or other body parts. Hairballs, urine, and grease spots can also reveal their existence.

Dead Animals

An animal corpse doesn’t just appear in someone’s living room. If a home is in need of pest control near Cabot, AR, dead rodents will frequently appear.

Rodents multiply quickly, and a mousetrap here and there won’t do much to decrease their population. If a home is infested with pests, hiring an expert to take care of the issue is the most effective route to go.

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