FAQ on Funeral Etiquette by Funeral Directors Middletown

A funeral isn’t a fun gathering. What do you do? How do you act? What should you expect and what will others expect of you? These are all good questions to have because you want the funeral to be nice and go smoothly for the family of the deceased. Funeral Directors Middletown have performed many funeral services and can answer any questions for you, but here’s a start and some answers to most common questions.
What Clothes Do You Wear?

You do not have to wear black to a funeral. That is an outdated rule. You should dress nicely, but not like you are going to a ball. Keep the colors muted and design conservative. What might you wear to church or a business meeting with the boss? Do not wear shorts, mini-skirts, thank tops, or baseball caps.

Is it OK to Bring the Kids?

The only time it is important to bring the children to a funeral is if the children were important to the deceased. Whether it was because of family or a close friendship, if the deceased meant something to the kids, then take them. It is good for the kids and for the deceased’s family. Otherwise, find a babysitter. It is not wise to place children in a solemn situation they do not understand. However, if the deceased’s family tells you to bring the kids along, then it is safe to do so.

Do You Have to Send Flowers?

Flowers are common gifts at funerals, but are not a necessity. Not everyone can afford bouquets or you might not be close enough to the deceased’s family to feel comfortable providing flowers. You should, at the very least, provide a card and sign the registry provided by Funeral Directors Middletown. Leave some kind of information for the family that reminds them how you knew the deceased.

How Do You Offer Condolences?

It isn’t easy knowing what to say at funerals. You know that people hate hearing the usual cliches and apologies. The most common phrase heard is, “I’m sorry for your loss,” and even that phrase has been way overused. What do you say at a funeral? Often the best words to offer are those that tell a story about the deceased. Your memories of the deceased are different from everyone else because it was from your perspective.

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