Family Lawyer Germantown WI: Changing Your Last Name

Have you ever wondered if you absolutely have to take your husband’s name if you were to get married? The truth is that unless your husband were to hire a family lawyer in Germantown WI and get a court order to change your name, you are free to keep your own name. In most states, it is even an option for your husband to adopt your last name instead. It is typically just a matter of personal preference. Either way, you are going to have to fill out a court order in order to get your last names changed to be the same. A lot of people like to consult with a Family Lawyer to make sure they are going through the proper channels to get their name legally changed. As long as your husband and you agree, there would be no reason for you to hire a lawyer. However, it never hurts for you to consult with one.

Another question that newly married couples will commonly ask a Family Lawyer Germantown WI is whether or not they can get both of their names changed to be a hyphenated version of their last names together. This is an option, but you would have to get a court order in order to do this. There are some couples who even prefer to come up with a new last name with a combination of their names which is also fine with a court order.

If you are going to change your last name after you get married, it is important to make sure you go through all of the proper channels. This includes going to the social security office to legally get your last name changed. You will need to get a new social security card and a new driver’s licensed for it to be official. You are going to need a certified copy of your marriage license in order for your last name to be changed. You can order one at your county clerk office if you do not happen to have one or you misplaced the one that you got a few weeks after the ceremony.


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