Expert Tips on How to Sell Your Nutritional Supplements on Amazon

One of the hottest-selling products on Amazon in recent years is nutritional supplements. From major-label national brands to private-label brands that are manufactured for smaller sellers, they are all flying off of the shelves. If you want to get in on the actions and ensure your products are available to as many potential buyers as possible, then you need to know how to sell supplements on Amazon.

Find Your Niche

If you are looking to make good money selling supplements in the biggest online market in the world, then you need to specialize. Selling something like protein powders is simply not going to cut it. Concentrate on supplements that are performance-focused but which are not crowded with competition.

Proper Paperwork

Any supplement sold on Amazon is required to have certain verifiable paperwork. This includes a Certificate of Analysis showing that the manufacturer is performing safety and purity tests on a regular basis. It also includes a Material Data Safety Sheet which shows which category the particular product is supposed to be placed in. These are both crucial to sell supplements on Amazon.

Play By the Rules

Amazon is infamous for having a very low threshold for sellers who do not play by the rules. In fact, in some cases, one infraction may be enough to earn a permanent ban from the selling platform. By knowing all of the rules in advance, you are much more likely to stay out of trouble and in the good graces of Amazon.

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