Do You Need Prototype PCB Assembly in Oregon?

Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are the “guts” of most modern electronics, which can range from smart watches to kitchen appliances to cars. Because PCBs are so important, you don’t want to trust your PCB prototype service to anyone but the best.

What Is a PCB Prototype?

Basically, a PCB prototype is a test run. You don’t want to ramp up to production capacity only to find that your PCB isn’t quite what you need; all you’ll get is some very expensive paperweights if the PCB doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. PCB prototypes include visual models, proof-of-concept prototypes, working prototypes, and functional prototypes.

Engineers and designers will often work with several different PCB prototypes over the course of the project. This means that you may need prototype PCB assembly in Oregon on more than one occasion. Because the success or failure of your electronics rests on the PCB prototype, you’ll want to be sure that you are working with a reliable contract manufacturer.

PCB Prototype Contract Manufacturing

When you need prototype PCB assembly in Oregon, choose a contract manufacturer who is comfortable with orders of any size. You may only need a few PCBs at a time until your design is finalized. The contract manufacturer should also be able to deliver quick turnarounds and work within your budget.

It would also be beneficial if the contract manufacturer is able to offer consulting services in areas such as manufacturing production, engineering, design manufacturing layout, and even assembly and quality systems. Reach out today to find your next partner!

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