Epoxy Floor Coating: For Some The First Attraction Is Color

While commonly used for commercial garages and spaces, epoxy coatings are also appearing in sunrooms and residential garage floors. For many who first see an epoxy floor coating, the attraction is the color. Coupled together with its sheen, this fuels the demand for this flooring. Manufacturers are now offering an increasing number of colors and patterns. This increases their selection and allows them to create a unique look.

Diverse Colors and Swirling Patterns

Epoxy contractors can now offer you a vast colorful palette. Some companies offer more than 150 shades – and the number is still growing in step with the interest in epoxy floor coatings. Companies also produce decorative patterns through the addition of such things as colored quartz aggregate or vinyl chips. Your contractor may also refer to them as:

  • Color flakes
  • Color chips
  • Decorative vinyl color flakes
  • Epoxy paint chips

These small colorful pieces do double duty. They not only provide that custom look to your flooring, they also help to hide the various imperfections in your concrete.

Customizing the Look of Your Epoxy Floor Coating with Color

Toi achieve the desired look, you decide on the blending of the colors. You also determine in what level of coverage to employ them. This includes:

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy
  • Full: With full coverage aka full refusal, you do not have to concern yourself about the base color of your floor

Benefits of a Colorful Epoxy Floor Coating

Unique color combinations and an attractive appearance are not the only benefits for adding color. The use of color flakes, as noted above, hides imperfections. This includes such things as spider cracks. They also help to reduce sound by adding that extra level. At the same time, the additional layer of thickness improves the durability and resistance to impacts for your epoxy floor. While a colorful epoxy floor coating may prove to be attractive, it improves its worth by being functional as well.

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