Ensure Your Buildings Last Longer With Concrete in Battle Creek

Our society is always growing and as a consequence of this growth we have developed a variety of construction materials throughout our history such as steel, brick and concrete. Each of these materials were milestones in the construction industry. For example, steel made the girders in our buildings stronger which allowed us to create taller buildings. Kilns created stronger, more durable brick which in turn strengthened the walls so we could have a larger base to build on. However, when it comes to your homes and businesses in Battle Creek no construction material has been as successful as concrete. Concrete in Battle Creek is a composite material and is usually a mix of course, granular gravels, sand and cement as well as a little water.

Part of the success of concrete is it’s shaping capabilities. Concrete in Battle Creek can be poured into a mold, normally called forms on construction sites, and allowed to dry inside that mold and once dry it will maintain the shape of the molded item. This can be very important for rebuilding and repair work. A contractor can easily make molds from existing items and have the replacements created on the spot. However, the real power behind concrete is it’s strength. Poured concrete foundations have been known to last for decades and even longer provided nature doesn’t interfere. Backed by a little steel strength in the form of reinforcing bars (nicknamed rebars) and you have a foundation that will last for generations.

As a construction material Battle Creek, concrete’s biggest benefit is it’s liquid state. Of course, it doesn’t always stay this way. In fact, once it’s mixed at the plant the drivers have a finite amount of time before the load is ruined. During this time they have to get the truck to the job site and the liquid concrete poured into the forms. Even though Concrete in Battle Creek can set up fairly quickly it takes a while for it to completely dry.

Smart companies like Peterman Concrete know that all industries evolve and the concrete industry is no different. At one time all anyone ever wanted from their concrete driveway or foundation was a smooth, simple finish. However, today’s concrete can be finished with stamped surfaces that makes it resemble other products. Likewise, concrete can be colored to give your home, building or pathways a little extra pop when people look at them.

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