Asphalt Seal Coating in Providence, RI Will Make Your Parking Lot Look New and Safe

A parking lot with big cracks, sink holes, sunken catch basins, and lines that have disappeared with age will turn many people away. If that kind of parking lot is any indication of the way the businesses are run, then people are likely to go somewhere else. This is particularly true if the holes are big enough to lose a small car in, or even damage the wheels or the alignment. No one wants to pay a car repair bill just to shop where this parking lot awaits them. Some parking lots on the East Coast actually have lawyers’ paralegals putting advertising fliers on car windshields waiting for someone to trip and fall or for a car to be damaged. High heels catch in the cracks causing the person to fall, and this is not an “oh, that’s too bad” problem. The parking lot that looks almost new is very attractive and will likely pull customers into the lot to shop there. Asphalt Seal Coating in Providence, RI can make this a reality.

A parking lot or a roadway will deteriorate with age. The amount of time it takes can vary depending on how much oil, gasoline, and deicers fall onto the asphalt pavement. The amount of rain and snow will also impact the surface. When the rain penetrates the cracks, it weakens the substrate, and if the water freezes, it will cause more damage by expanding the asphalt surface and the crack. The rain can be a source of serious damage to the parking lot. However, Asphalt Seal Coating in Providence, RI can be used to repair this damage so that the crack will not return.

There are so many materials that can be used to make the lot look new. Hot crack filling will stabilize the area around the crack, and there are several techniques for doing this work. A larger area that looks like an alligator can be repaired so that no one would ever notice a problem. Asphalt Seal Coating in Providence, RI is used after digging out the substrate and filling it with the material best suited for the application. They will then apply the asphalt coating. Whatever the problem with the lot is, you can count on Asphalt Seal Coating in Providence, RI to fix it.



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