EHR Solutions

EHRs are the way of the future. If your urgent care does not yet use them, you are falling behind the competition. We make cloud-based SaaS solutions that will update your practice in a short amount of time. Our urgent care EHR software solutions are based in the cloud for simplified access. No matter how many facilities you have or where your staff works from, the software will be accessible.

Our EHR tool is integrated in the billing, revenue management cycle and other tools into one package. This means that you do not have to learn how to use four or five different software packages. You also do not need to worry about maintaining servers or dealing with different software companies. We set it all up for you and provide you with support whenever you need it.

With our EHR tool, you will be able to keep better records of each patient encounter. The tool is HIPAA compliant. It can be set up with certain types of access so that people who only need to do billing do not have access to the doctor’s notes. Our tool helps your physicians be more efficient. Instead of wasting time trying to find the patient’s lab results or past diagnoses, there are tabs that make this information easy for them to find during a patient’s office visit.

With our urgent care EHR software solutions, your practice can be more profitable and generate more revenue per patient. We can customize the software to your needs and implement it in a way that allows you to easily scale up when you add a new urgent care center to your group. Give us at PulseCheck a call today for additional details.

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