Easy Garage Storage Solutions

When it comes to getting organized the garage can be the most daunting task of all. It tends to be the catch all room for everything too dirty, too large and too toxic to put indoors. It houses your sporting equipment, painting supplies, lawn care equipment, power tools and an array of other belongings. Garage storage is essential for easy retrieval of all of these items. Here are some easy and efficient ways to organize all of the items in your garage, without breaking the bank.

Hanging Wall Storage

Hanging wall panels will enable you to get everything off the floor and display it in a visually appealing manner. You can find everything you need quickly and make room for other more important items. All you need are the wall panels, screws, wall anchors and a little time. The best thing about wall panels is that you can purchase a single track, a small portion or even an entire wall. If you are short on cash or short on time, you can purchase the pieces as you go until your dream garage is complete. You can hang tires, sporting goods, lawn equipment and virtually anything else you need to get off the floor. Even those unhangable items can be stored in bins that attach to the wall panels.


In your garage you don’t have to endure a major renovation to get the cabinetry you need for storage. You can purchase prefabricated metal cabinets designed to fit your space. All you have to do is follow the instructions and screw them to the wall. Buy one or many to customize your storage to fit the space. If you plan on storing heavy items such as gallons of paint you need to make sure the cabinet material can handle the weight.

Mobile Storage

Storage has gone one step further than the tool box. How about a tool box and work bench in one? You can purchase a work bench, on wheels which houses different size drawers for easy retrieval of all your small garage accessories. Find nuts, bolts, screws or anything else that you need close at hand. This is great if you are renting or just need to be able to take your items to your work area.

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