DWI Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS: How Long Does a Case Take?

When a person gets charged with a DWI the first thing that they ask their DWI Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS is how long their case is going to take. Unfortunately, there is no black and white answer to that question. All your DWI Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS is going to tell you is that it depends. Your first court date is usually going to be a month after you have been arrested. You and your attorney could walk into that court hearing and demand an immediate trial. Unfortunately, you may or may not actually get one on your first court day.

The first thing a DWI Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS is going to tell you is that the quickest way to end a DWI case is to walk into the court hearing and offer to plead guilty. Any district attorney is going to consider taking you up on that offer because it is going to save them a lot of time and energy. You could end up walking out of that first court date with the entire thing resolved. Obviously, you should expect to be walking out of that court day with some repercussions as well. You could have to do jail time or community service for example. You could also end up having your licenses suspended. You are going to want to discuss the possible charges with your attorney as well.

Obviously, you do not want to plead guilty if it is going to mean jail time, community service, court fees, and a suspended license. You have to understand that if you appeal your case you should not expect a speedy trial. In fact, trials have been known to last as long as 2 years when you appeal them. However, the first thing your Accident attorney is going to tell you that waiting out a longer trial is usually in your best interest.

Typically, the longer a court case is drawn out, the better the end result is. People get sick and tired of the case. They are ready for it to be done and over with. In some sense, they stop caring so much about what you did wrong. Read more

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