Draping Your Shows And Events With Sparkle

It’s easy to see that sequined fabric is enjoying a moment of huge popularity. Wherever you go, the windows of stores and the racks of clothing shops are lined with toys, clothing, accessories, linens, home décor and more create with beautiful, glistening sequins.

Those who host major events or performances may be wondering how to harness the runaway popularity of this fabric for their own use; getting a little of that sparkle for yourself can’t be that hard, right? With sequin curtains, it doesn’t have to be. Read on to find out just how easily these glistening drapes can fit your needs.

Capture Attention

For performers, grabbing audience attention is an everyday affair. Why not add something that makes it easier – and takes no extra effort for you?

Whether you’re a singer, a magician, a dancer or even a public speaker, adding a beautiful, sparkling sequin curtain to your stage dressing adds a layer of dimension and a feeling of movement that will dazzle your audience before you so much as take the stage. It’s a simple upgrade that can pay dividends to those who need an extra degree of oomph for their shows.

Fade into the Background

Alternatively, sequin curtains make a great addition to special events. If you’re looking for a way to spiced up your photo booth area or add visual interest to a wall, walkway or entrance, nothing captures the light without stealing the spotlight like sequin fabric. Linen retailers often sell various sizes of sequin curtains, as well as other lengths and widths of fabric that can be used for anything from large draperies for full walls, table runners to place-mats. Wherever you can imagine adding a little sparkle to your big day, there’s a way to use sequin fabric for that.

Ready to drape your next show or event in sparkle? Contact your local or online linen retailer, and ask for the newest available sequined designs!

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