Don’t Make These Mistakes When Buying Stud Welding Equipment

Stud welding is not a difficult skill to learn, and many construction and fabrication companies in everything from bridge building to HVAC companies use this form of welding.

Purchasing your own stud welding equipment is a good investment as it allows your business to offer a different range of services that may not be possible with your current welding and fabrication methods. This is quick, efficient and very neat, providing a durable, strong weld without the need for operators to have a lot of welding expertise or experience.

When buying stud welding equipment for a fabrication shop, construction company or HVAC contracting service, be sure to know just what you are getting. Not all equipment is quality and will provide the type of welds you need to give polished, professional and durable weld.

Buying an Unknown Brand

In today’s global market, there are more and more options to purchase equipment made in other countries and from a wide range of different equipment manufacturers.

While it may be tempting to try out an unknown brand, if you aren’t familiar with the company, even if you are working with a contractor’s supplier to make the purchase, you are taking a risk on quality and durability of the system.

Buying on Price Alone

Often these unknown brands or new brands on the market will offer very low prices. The reality is that these systems are very complex and require quality components in each part of the system for efficient, effective and dependable stud welding equipment.

A top American company will provide a competitive price for their system that can include power sources, hand and fixture mounted weld tools through to custom cables. They should also offer a full selection of all the CD (Capacitator discharge) and drawn arc stud welding system repair services to make it easy should you need this service in the future.