Does Your Website’s Design Include the Right Call to Action Strategy?

Whether you are planning web design in Washington or somewhere else, call to action is an important thing to think about for every single page of that site. You don’t always need a hard sell but you do want to convince people who arrive on your site that they have come to the right place. Below are some things to keep in mind so that you can do just that.

Bounce Rate is Important!

Bounce rate refers to how many people who land on a page of your site leave the same page. When they leave that tells you that they didn’t find what they were looking for. It could also mean that the layout, the design, or the content of the page didn’t appeal to them. Working on keeping your bounce rate low is smart for a variety of reasons. Not only do you want to ensure that people who arrive on the page do something because that means that they might want what you have to offer but the bounce rate impacts your rankings on search engines, too, and that will determine future organic traffic levels.

Google looks at bounce rate on every page of your site as a deciding factor for sending you more traffic. If they list you at the top of the list for a desired keyword in your industry and most of the traffic they send your way does nothing to let Google know that they found what they needed (such as clicking deeper into the site), then Google will re-evaluate whether or not you should be ranking for that search term.

Conversely, a low bounce rate equals a high conversion rate and that means you’re doing something right!

Call to Action is Important, Too:

Does your site try to convert visitors into customers? Think about what’s above the fold (the area the visitor sees on their device before scrolling is necessary) and what message each page gets across. Do people have to scroll to get to the point? Do they have to scroll a long ways?

A hard sell isn’t always necessary on each page and there are pages that will need to contain detailed information but each page should be engaging enough to get your visitor to want to dig deeper and / or click another page on the site. And by making them want to engage with your pages you’ll get better rankings with search engines, too, because bounce rate factors into your success in the eyes of Google and others. A web design in Washington (or wherever you live) company can help you get a good-looking site that brings about great results.

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