DIY kitchen – creating your own brand new kitchen

A complete professional kitchen renovation can cost a great deal of money. This is the only way many people can go but there are those that are quite handy and opt to take on some of the work themselves. One of the easiest ways to save a considerable amount of money and still end up with a designer kitchen is to purchase flat pack DIY kitchens. By doing this you can create your own brand new kitchen without having to hire expensive professionals.

A beautiful kitchen on a budget:

Anyone with decent DIY skills can assemble flat pack kitchens. Unless you have a fully outfitted wood working shop, flat pack kitchens are definitely the way to go. Many people are under the impression that these kitchens are only available in stock sizes, not so. Kitchen Shack can produce these kitchens to suit the specific sizes needed for a professional looking fitted kitchen. Before you start, it is important that you take accurate dimensions. It is always best to make a sketch indicating the position of doors and windows as well as major appliances.

Think of just replacing the doors:

Another great way to create your own brand new kitchen is to only replace the cabinet doors and the drawer fronts. At the same time, this gives you the opportunity to change the handles and hinges. Today, many homeowners are opting for a very modern approach; simple stainless steel pulls and knobs and hidden hinges.

Although replacing doors is quite simple, there is a need for some basic DIY skills and tools. Perhaps the biggest job will be finishing the new doors, painting or staining are by far the easiest although those with a little more than basic woodworking skills can reface the cabinet frames with veneer that compliments the new doors.

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