Used Lab Equipment for Sale – Quality Without the Cost

Lab equipment is expensive. Just trying to keep up with the latest technological advancements can cost an arm and a leg, but trying to get ahead of the game? This is a challenge. Additionally, when it comes to lab equipment, quality cannot be sacrificed, as malfunctions in such an industry can be calamitous, costing a tremendous amount of money, if not lives. So it may seem like your stuck paying through the nose. How do you find how top-grade equipment at an affordable price? It actually may be easier than you think. The answer lies in buying not new, but rather, used lab equipment for sale.

With the right know-how and expertise, even the most intricate lab equipment can be repaired and refurbished to work like brand new.

No matter the field or how specific the use, a high-quality refurbished model is probably being sold for significantly less than a brand new version.

Chemistry Lab Equipment
Need high quality chemistry lab equipment? A lot of the top brands are being sold used right now. You can find these models as used lab equipment for sale.

 * StanBio Sirrus Chemistry Analyzer
 * Siemens EXL Chemistry Analyzer
 * Siemens Selectra JR Chemistry Analyzer
 * Siemens Selectra E Chemistry Analyzer
 * Roche Cobas c 311 Chemistry Analyzer

Coagulation Machines
Need accurate clotting assays? There’s a selection of name brand coagulation machines being sold used. You can easily find:

 * Beckman/Instrumentation Laboratory ACL 3000 Coagulation Analyzers
 * Beckman/Instrumentation Laboratory ACL 8000 Coagulation Analyzers
 * Siemens BCS XP Coagulation Analyzers

Are you treating patients with auto-immune disorders and need to replace an immunology analyzer? Before going to buy new, you should look into what’s available on the used market, where refurbished immunology analyzers of every make and model are sold and bought every day. The following machine types can often be found used:

 * Elecsys 2010 Immunology Analyzer
 * Abbott i1000SR Immunology Analyzer
 * Abbott Axsym Immunology Analyzer
 * Beckman Immage Immunology Analyzer

Are you a hematologist looking for high-end analyzers? You can find many brands of hematology analyzer being sold used, whether you’re looking for differential analyzers, automated hematology analyzers, or multi-parameter hematology analyzers.

When it’s time to make a decision about purchasing medical lab equipment, consider your options. Pieces of used lab equipment for sale may just provide you with the capability and long-term use you need at a significantly lower cost than their brand new counterparts.

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