Distracted Driving Increases The Cost Of Auto Insurance In Brighton

Most adults drive regularly, and as we grow comfortable behind the wheel, our motions and actions become almost automatic. When that happens, it’s easy to allow the mind to wander and to drive in a distracted fashion. According to the USDOT, distracted drivers cause over half a million injuries per year. Below, you will learn about some common distractions, and you’ll also get some simple tips on avoiding them.

Focusing On Electronics

Activities such as adjusting the radio or navigation system, or text messaging, can be very distracting when you’re behind the wheel. It may be simple to do these things at other times, but when you’re driving a 2000 lb. vehicle, they can be dangerous. Every time you’re focusing on your electronics, you’re not focusing on the road. If possible, wait to change the radio, make a phone call or send a text message.

Your State Of Mind

Failing to pay attention to the road isn’t just about using your electronics or removing your hands from the wheel, but about not having full awareness of your actions while you are driving. Emotionally-charged conversations, driving while angry or upset, or simple tiredness can all take our attention away from the road. Follow these tips to prevent preoccupied driving:

  • If there are others in the car with you, tell them to keep conversation to a minimum. Avoid phone use completely, even if you’re using a Bluetooth device. If you have to place a call about your Home Insurance in Ann Arbor, pull over and do it safely.
  • If you’re upset or angry, try not to drive (if possible). When emotions are running high, minds can wander–making it very hard to pay attention to the road and the other drivers on it.
  • Tired drivers are easily distracted. If you can’t seem to focus, or you’re having trouble staying awake and alert, find somewhere to stop and rest, or call someone to come and pick you up. You may think you’re saving time by driving while exhausted, but the risk just isn’t worthwhile.

Distracted drivers endanger themselves, their passengers, pedestrians and other motorists. By keeping your mind on the road, you’ll protect yourself and those around you – and you can save money on your Auto Insurance in Brighton.

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