Discover New Joy with Whole House Air Conditioning for Your Moore Home

If you are still relying on window air conditioners to cool your entire home, you are missing a wonderful experience. Today’s whole-house air conditioning systems are energy efficient and quite affordable. Once you discover the residential air conditioning in Moore, OK, has available, you will be able to enjoy many of the following benefits.

Even Temperatures

A whole-house air conditioning system can keep your home more comfortable than traditional window units. Window air conditioners keep a single room very cool while other areas of the house can remain hot. Whole-house units have ductwork that is similar to many heating systems which allow each room to have the same cool and comfortable temperature at all times.

Better Air Quality

Whole House air conditioning systems require filters to operate efficiently. During routine maintenance, a professional technician will clean or replace these filters so that the unit continues to provide cool air while removing many allergens, molds, and mildew from the air you breathe.


Window air conditioners are placed inside of an open window. The pane is slid down to keep the unit firmly in place. Even though there are safety devices you can take advantage of, many burglars see a window air conditioning unit as an easy way to enter a home.

The residential air conditioning in Moore, OK, has to offer can keep your entire home cool and comfortable. Visit Climatech Heat and Air at to see how you can get a whole-house air conditioner installed.

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