Co-Signers & Collateral Make It Easier to Get Jail Bonds in Atlanta

The benefit of having a co-signer and viable collateral make it particularly easy to get jail bonds in Atlanta. What exactly is a co-signer? What qualifies as collateral? Here’s a quick explanation.

Atlanta Jail Bonds 101
A bail bond helps secure a defendant’s release from jail before trial proceedings. Unlike a cash bail that must be paid in full, a bail bond is only 10% to 15% of total bail. The percentage is the bond’s cost, a nonrefundable fee for the bond agent. In the past, offenders without gainful employment or decent credit were ineligible for bail bonds. Co-signers make this unfortunate outcome outdated.

Bail Bond Co-Signers
A bail bond co-signer serves as a guarantor/indemnitor, a person who becomes legally responsible to turn the defendant over to the bond company in the event of the defendant’s failure to appear. If the defendant vanishes entirely, the indemnitor takes on the financial responsibility of paying the court-imposed bail in full.

Ways to Pay for Bail Bonds
Bond agencies accept common payment forms like cash, credit and checks. In some instances, payees can remit payment online or via wire transfer. In the absences of other funds, collateral can be used to secure a bail bond. Viable collateral includes boats, cars and jewelry, all of which gets returned after a case is completely settled and a judge signs a disposition.

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