Determining the Need for Cremation Services In Milford OH

Can Cremation Services In Milford OH be organized directly with the crematorium or should a person have to go through a funeral operator? A cremation, with or without a ceremony, is necessarily done via a funeral director, and in no case directly with the Crematorium. Can the family attend the cremation of the deceased? It is possible, in certain manners, to attend a cremation but this is done under optimal security conditions (behind a special window).

Is the coffin cremated with the body? Yes, of course, since this one is sealed and cannot be reopened. How can people identify their loved one’s ashes? From the arrival of the coffin to the crematorium when the ashes are placed in the urn, the identity plate of the deceased is placed on the coffin. The traceability of the deceased is, therefore, ensured. What happens to the ashes after cremation? Can the coffin be sold to the funeral operator after cremation? No, since the coffin is necessarily cremated with the body, nothing remains of the coffin at the end of the cremation.

Can family members visit the Crematorium to better understand how Cremation Services In Milford OH work? No. For obvious reasons and in respect for the families in mourning, the public parts of the crematorium are not open to the public during the day. In addition, certain regulations prohibit access to technical parts when the Crematorium is in operation. Nevertheless, for the sake of transparency and because it is reassuring, the Crematorium can organize a visit to show family members the technical and public parts.

Are there any differences between a funeral home and a crematorium? The first difference between crematorium and funeral home is that the technical part of the crematorium contains a crematorium furnace. Besides this, the major distinction is due to the various types of ceremonies: a funeral is performed outside while a cremation is carried out within the Crematorium itself. A crematorium is a place of reception for the body and a place of burial. A crematorium, like the funeral home, is split into two parts, one of which is dedicated to families (the ceremonial hall). However, this space also includes a visual presentation room, which serves to assist the introduction of the coffin into the crematorium furnace.

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