Dentistry for the terrified Patient

As much as most people try to look after their teeth, as we get older we might feel less inclined to go to the dentist for regular check-ups due to a variety of reasons. Costs can be a major concern with most people because dental insurance doesn’t always cover the entire cost of a check-up or treatment and our out-of-pocket expenses can be too high for us to pay. This can be a major put-off and can prevent us from going to the dentist in the first place. After that it is a downhill slope because we decide not to go and then we sort of lose professional track of our oral hygiene.

Other reasons why we put off or neglect going to the dentist is the imagery of the pain we might endure. When we know we have a dental problem we might ignore it because of the potential pain involved and we know from previous experience that no matter how careful the dentist might be or how gentle they are it will hurt.

How Painless Dentistry Works

Many dentists now use a method of dentistry which incorporates the use of sedation. What this does is to basically sedate the client, using a gentle anesthetic to put them into a waking sleep. Unlike regular general or local anesthetics, with this method the client remains awake and lucid, but so relaxed that they do not remember the procedure afterward. They are awake for it, but they are so comfortable that they are not aware of the fear factor they might normally feel. ‘Sleep dentistry’ is a remarkable method that has allegedly helped millions around the world to alleviate their fear of the dentist and to actually go and have a check-up and their necessary treatment.

Education and Training

Many dentists in Hartford Country, MD can attend a short training course at a registered location across the State to learn how to administer sedation dentistry to their clients. The courses teach all the methods available as well as which sedation medication is used. Many dental clients have claimed that sleep dentistry has helped them to feel braver about going to the dentist and those who have gone now have better oral hygiene and health than they have had in many years.

To locate dentists in Hartford country, MD who offer sedation dentistry, contact Kaplan & McGlothlin, DDS for further details of their services.

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