Delicious Vegetarian Menu Options at a Luxury Hotel in Saint Paul

When a man wants to bring his romantic partner on an amazing trip for her birthday, staying in one of the luxury hotels in Saint Paul might be appealing. She loves visiting large cities and going to art galleries and other cultural attractions. The only hesitation he feels is connected with the hotel’s restaurant, one of his favorites. He thinks of it as a place specializing in meat and seafood, but his girlfriend is a vegetarian. What now?

A Broad Range of Choices

Although they’ve been together for a while, she still hasn’t convinced him that she can create a fabulous meal at practically any restaurant. That’s particularly true of a dining establishment in one of the luxury hotels in Saint Paul. The chef has built a menu featuring a broad range of choices, and she’ll have no trouble putting together some delightful dinners. The food is so exquisite that they both will want to eat there every night.

Numerous Possibilities

As they look at the menu online together, she points out numerous possibilities a meat lover might never have noticed. One night, she might combine a warm cheese and crostini appetizer with a beet salad. The appetizer will have enough food for them both to share. The next evening, a mixed greens salad can be ordered along with a potato side dish and sauteed mushrooms or asparagus spears.

Making Some Changes

The meat lover probably will order a trusted favorite the first night, but later might venture out of the comfort zone a little. Maybe salmon with spinach or rainbow trout with asparagus could substitute for a steak. The lighter fare is a healthy option to include with a typical week’s dinner choices.