Define and Shelter Your Outdoor Living Space With a Wooden Pergola

Wooden pergolas not only serve as attractive additions that help define areas of your outdoor living space but also can make that living space more livable.

Making Your Outdoor Living Space More Livable With a Wooden Pergola

Living rooms, like dining areas and kitchens, are moving outdoors. If you move your living room outdoors, you may want to move your entertainment area outdoors as well. Many do add a large screen TV to their deck or patio. Suppose, those that you want to watch a mid-day or evening sporting event just at the time the sun creates a glare on your TV. A wooden pergola with a lattice or canopy roof and lattice walls or pull-down shades block the sun’s glare.

Even if you don’t install the cabinetry to house an entertainment center on your deck or patio, a pergola with a latticework or canopy roof and latticework walls or pull-down shades offer a shaded space where you can take a break from the sun.

If a light rain shower comes along, the sheltered space under your pergola may mean you can stay outdoors and not have to move whatever you’re doing indoors.

Defining Your Outdoor Living Spaces With a Wooden Pergola

Outdoor open-concept spaces are the same as indoor open-concept spaces, you define various spaces and their uses as you like with area rugs, the placement of furniture, overhead lighting fixtures, or changes in flooring, ceiling, or wall treatment.

A wooden pergola can help to define and separate outdoor spaces. A small pergola could define a reading nook, or, with built-in storage for toys and games, it could be a shaded play area for children or the whole family. As suggested above, a larger wooden pergola could define an outdoor living or dining space.

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