A Sexual Assault Attorney Handles Cases of Criminal Stalking

In Texas, criminal stalking is an activity that is done with intent or is defined as conduct that involves continuing or repeated harassment of another individual. This type of behavior causes the victim to feel intimidated, threatened, frightened, or terrorized.

The Role of the Defense Attorney

Stalking, as well as other related cases, is frequently represented by a sexual assault attorney in Austin. The attorney is well-versed in how stalking is defined legally and also handles the defense of people charged with domestic violence or sexual assault.

Therefore, a sexual assault attorney can represent a wide range of clients. These clients may have been charged with rape, sexual battery, domestic battery, intimidation, or harassment. Harassment may also be defined as sending obscene messages.

A Level 4 Felony Charge for Stalking

In the case of stalking, a sexual assault attorney who defends such clients is knowledgeable about the criminal stalking law of the state. This type of felony offense is regarded on several levels. For example, the offense is considered a level 4 felony if the act of stalking was committed when the stalker was armed with a deadly weapon or they already had an unrelated conviction that involved the victim.

A Level 5 Felony Charge for Stalking

In the case of a level 5 felony, the stalker makes a threat that places the victim in fear of sexual battery, serious bodily harm, or death.

Domestic Battery

A sexual assault attorney in Austin also needs to make certain distinctions when reviewing a defense for domestic battery. In this instance, he has to look at what the court will consider when evaluating the client’s guilt. For example, the court reviews the length of a relationship, the frequency of contact between the two parties, the financial status of the two litigants, if children were involved in the relationship, and whether the two parties were trying to maintain a regular household.

These types of cases are serious. That is why anyone charged with any of these crimes needs to rely on an experienced advocate. Contact Law Office of Jesse Hernandez to find out more information about the legal process.

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