Customized medicine for your unique needs

Before there was mass production of medication all over the world, each pill, vitamin, and cream was first compounded El Dorado Hills pharmacists had a community of pharmacists that not only regulated each other but supervised as well. Pharmaceutical compounding has roots going back to ancient times. Hunters and explorers of different societies would have some knowledge of medicinal properties of animals, plants, molds, fungus and bacteria, Also with knowledge of inorganic minerals in their environment to prepare something compounded. El Dorado Hills residents would use these ingredients for healthier living as well as grooming, religion and recreational activities. In the beginning everything was first compounded. El Dorado Hills pharmacist would create oils from plants that they noticed were amazing antidotes for poisons and toxicants. They even made ointments for wounded patients and perfumes to ease stomach pains.

The earliest chemists were familiar with all types of natural substances. Before things were artificially created or forced grown, people traveled all over the world to get the items they needed. These creators of drugs would search for dyes, incense, perfume, ceremonial compounds, preservatives and cosmetics knowing that medication can be compounded. El Dorado Hills residents today search for all sorts of items in vitamins and minerals to advance the pharmaceutical industry. In the East, alchemy has contributed to the creation of modern pharmacies and the principle that led to things being compounded. El Dorado Hills pharmacist learned that there are many ways to create the same compound into different forms. You almost need to have a mind of an alchemist to create medicines from plants and natural substances. Although it is what we know as science, to understand science you would first have to be able to transform thoughts into reality.

During the 1800’s, pharmacists would specialize in raising and preparing all things drug related to be compounded. El Dorado Hills pharmacist today has major industries to do that for them which allows them to order the necessary ingredients for a drug, cream or liquid remedy. All natural sources would usually contain several chemical compounds, and often be extracted from alcohol to form extracts, tinctures, concoctions and decoctions. Pharmacist began isolating and identifying the active ingredients of each item before they were compounded. El Dorado Hills residents are only aware of the drugs ability to save and cure life, not the reasons behind it. Using fractionation, or recrystallizations, the pharmacist would separate active ingredients like morphine and use that as the anchor to be compounded. El Dorado Hills pharmacist would use these methods to create amazing drugs to insure your recovery.




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