Stained Concrete: A Good Choice for Eco-Friendly Design

When you get stained concrete in your Oklahoma home, you are getting a beautiful decorative technique that can turn your ordinary concrete into something resembling granite, stone, marble, and even marble mosaics and inlays. Because the base material is concrete, however, you will have beautiful surfaces in your home at a fraction of the cost. What you may not realize, however, is that stained concrete in Oklahoma is not only economically responsible but eco-friendly as well.

First, stained concrete in Oklahoma offers a wide selection of designs, and a stunning array of colors and textures to choose from. Because most buildings already have significant amounts of concrete in and around them, you are not using excess materials. Instead of covering up the concrete floor with carpet, for example, you simply use the concrete floor and decorate it to its own advantage. Some concrete stains are still solvent-based, but there are a growing number of more green friendly stains that are non-toxic and have little odor.

Indoor concrete floors are also highly energy efficient. Concrete floors capture and store the heat from sunlight, lowering heating costs in the summer. In the shade, concrete floors can also stay cooler much longer, reducing summertime cooling bills. They are also excellent choices if you have radiant, in-floor heating, which disperses heat and warms the floor. Concrete captures heat well, and allows you to remain comfortable with the house at a much lower overall temperature. With all these benefits, then, it greatly behooves you to keep exposed concrete in your house. Stained concrete will allow you to embrace these energy-saving benefits without sacrificing any of the aesthetics of your home.

Stained concrete floors in Oklahoma also create a much easier environment for those who suffer from allergies. Concrete is a smooth, even surface that is easy to keep clean and does not trap dust, hair, and pollen as carpet or even a wood floor would do. Carpet and the adhesive used to install it can also release volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s. Additionally, carpet can also be a haven for mold, which can cause huge health problems. Stained concrete in Oklahoma cuts out all of these problems, while still giving you a beautiful surface area.

Though it is a manufactured material, concrete is actually economically responsible since it utilizes many sustainable materials; the primary ingredient is limestone, the most abundant material on the planet. Finally, concrete is incredibly durable and can last a lifetime, meaning that you will not have to replace the material in several years, as you would with carpet or hardwood. By choosing stained concrete in Oklahoma, you can rest assured that you are making an environmentally responsible choice. At the same time, however, you can enjoy the great beauty and decorative touch you are adding to your home.

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