Cremation Reduces the Cost of Funerals in Palm Springs, CA

The cost of Funerals in Palm Springs CA has risen dramatically over the years. Dealing with a death is hard enough without having to worry about how to pay for a loved one’s funeral service. One way to reduce the expense is to use cremation instead of a casket burial, as it is more economical and allows more flexibility of the final arrangements.

Cremation or Casket Burial

The main difference between cremation and a casket burial is the expense of the casket. A casket can add anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 when figuring the cost of a funeral. With cremation, all that’s needed is a container or urn to place the ashes in after the body has been processed.

About Cremation

Cremation takes place in a crematory that uses an extremely high temperature, usually between 1400 and 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, to break down the body until all that remains are ashes and bone fragments. The remains are then ground into a powder form and placed in an urn for the family. The ashes can be buried, stored in a mausoleum, placed in a prominent place of the family’s choosing, or scattered in a designated spot that has a special meaning for the loved one.

Funeral or Memorial Service

When cremation is chosen, the family can decide to have a traditional funeral or a simple memorial service to honor the deceased. They can also choose to do nothing and simply take the urn home. If a remembrance ceremony is desired, it can be personalized with special music, beautiful decorations, a photo album or video of the loved one, and other touches that work within the family’s budget.

Cremation Advantages

Cremation offers the option of flexibility that a casket burial does not. An urn is portable, which allows it to be taken along if a family moves and wishes to keep their loved one with them. If a death occurs far from home, cremation can reduce the cost of transporting the body home for the funeral.

When planning Funerals in Palm Springs CA, cremation makes a lot of sense. Saying goodbye is difficult enough, but it doesn’t have to cause anxiety when making decisions about how to honor the life of that special person. Cremation provides an affordable option as well as flexibility for dealing with the remains.

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