Creating an Environmentally Friendly House for Your Family

Taking care of the environment may be a priority for you and your family. You might take the time to recycle most of your garbage. You also are conscientious about the amount of water you use on a daily basis.

While these efforts definitely help lower your family’s negative impact on the environment, they are not the only measures you want to take especially when it comes to building a new home for you and your loved ones. By working with a design team to come up with innovative green home building ideas, you could make the new house as environmentally friendly as possible and lower the impact it has on the water, air, and soil around your property.

One of the more innovative green home building ideas that more people are embracing involves putting solar panels in their homes. Solar panels can generate more than enough energy with which to power your home. They can lower your utility bills drastically while providing all of the energy you need to keep your lights on, power your furnace and air conditioner, and even operate electronics like your computer and WiFi.

Additionally, many homeowners are also installing wind turbines on their properties. If your local zoning board permits this addition, a wind turbine likewise can generate ample power for your home. It may also generate power that you can sell to the local electric company, which will then give you a rebate or refund on your utility bill.

Other innovative ideas involve running heated water lines under the floorboards of your home to lower the house’s reliance on coal and propane. Having your home’s primary windows facing either the east or west can likewise create enough daylight to save you from having to turn on overhead lights and lamps.

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