3 Pieces of Advice That Your Car Accident Attorney is Likely to Provide

Being involved in an auto accident is nothing to take lightly. You do need legal counsel to ensure that everything is done properly. When you call that car accident attorney in Aurora and report that you’ve just been injured in an accident, expect to receive these three pieces of advice. Following them to the letter will make pursuing the case a lot easier.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Even if the injuries seem to be minor, you still need to seek medical attention immediately after the accident. It’s possible to sustain injuries that won’t manifest any symptoms until days after the fact. A thorough examination along with a few tests will reveal if there was some damage done and allow you to begin treatment at once. The doctor’s findings will also come in handy as the attorney prepares your case.

No Talking to the Other Party

While you do need to exchange insurance information and both of you will need to talk with the officer who arrives at the accident scene, that should be the extent of the interaction. From the moment you hire the car accident attorney in Aurora, all communications must go through your legal counsel. That includes attempts by the other party’s insurance company to engage you in what may seem like an innocuous conversation. If contacted, provide the attorney’s name and number. The only thing you need to say after that is goodbye.

Say Nothing to Others About the Accident

In general, you should limit what you say about the accident to anyone other than your car accident attorney Aurora residents trust. You never know how some casual remark you make can find its way back to the other party and used in an attempt to shift part of the blame for the accident to your shoulders. Anything you have to say should be said to your attorney and no one else.

Don’t assume the other party will do the right thing. Secure an attorney and get the help you need to protect your interests. In the long run, the advice you receive will make it easier to reach a conclusion to the event.

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