Container Disposal Keeps Needle Waste Secure for At-Home Users

People who have to use daily injections for diabetes medication, hormone therapy, or other health related issues have to have secure and proper disposal for the needles. Federal regulations require that sharps are not disposed of in regular trash receptacles because of the risk of spreading disease or causing injury. With sharps container disposal, injections can be safely disposed of in a container that is not only secure but also small enough that it can be kept in a safe place within your home.

Container Disposal Can Replace Your Current System

There is a lot of advice on how to dispose of medical sharps used in the home. If you’re not lucky enough to get waste disposal receptacles from your pharmacy, you may have to get inventive. Some people recommend disposing of needles in the plastic containers that hold laundry detergent. Using an alternate container doesn’t solve the problem of having medical waste disposed of in a potentially unsafe manner. Even if you tape up the lid and place it in a separate bag, there is always the chance that the bottle will break and the contents will become a hazard to anyone handling the trash.

With specially designed sharps container disposal, you collect the sharps in the container until it’s full. You then have it picked up at a disposal center or use a mail back program to send it to a company that can legally and safely dispose of it. This way your garbage collector isn’t at risk, and you won’t accidentally recycle a plastic bottle full of syringes.

Keep Your Sharps Secure

If you have to use injections for medication at home, you may worry about small children or pets getting into the needles. Toddlers love to explore in places they shouldn’t, and the last thing you want is your baby accidentally getting hurt by finding sharps in the trash can. It would also be dangerous for your dog to get into the trash and chew on disposed needles. To avoid this, consider using a sharps container disposal and keeping it up high. With a disposal container set up high, small children can’t reach it and pets won’t be attracted to it. By opting for a designated sharps container disposal, you keep your family safe and can dispose of your sharps in a safe, environmentally friendly way in Minneapolis MN.

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