Considerations When Having Pergolas in Brookfield, WI Constructed in the Area of a Septic System

Even within a metropolitan area, property owners in certain suburbs still use septic tanks and holding tanks as their private wastewater treatment systems. The systems were installed when the land used to be more rural. Someone who has bought one of these large lots may wonder whether it’s okay to have pergolas in Brookfield WI constructed over the tank or the drain field. The problem with this generally isn’t the pergola itself but with related factors.

Patios and Decks

For instance, Pergolas in Brookfield WI are commonly built over patios and decks. However, zoning codes may prohibit these structures from being installed over septic tanks, pipes, or drain fields.

With patios and decks, there must be an opening over the tank so technicians can pump it as recommended and complete any other work that may be necessary. This can be accomplished with a trap door or removable pavers. Removable boards on a deck also would suffice. Soil over a septic leach field is not supposed to be compacted, but that is almost inevitable when installing a patio and may also occur with a deck.

Over the Lawn

A pergola over the lawn may be acceptable, but the main issue with this is the amount of foot traffic that might occur over the leach field. Many people traipsing through this area over and over will push the soil down over the drain field. That may disrupt the necessary percolation effect for wastewater treatment.

The pergola’s weight is evenly distributed at four corners, and it is not an exceptionally heavy structure. The structure could easily be placed in the area of the septic tank, but the property owners should discuss the situation with a septic tank technician before having one built over the leach field.

Foot Traffic

Again, the primary consideration will be the amount of foot traffic under the pergola. If only the family typically will be enjoying the area, that should be all right. If small gatherings will be held occasionally, that may be fine. Frequent larger parties or many children routinely running around on this part of the lawn may pose a problem. Contact Outdoor Living Unlimited to get started with plans for pergola installation.

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