Common Uses for Industrial Air Compressors in Pennsylvania

Air compressors are machines that compress air so it can be used to power tools and equipment. These machines come in many sizes to accommodate everything from residential to heavy industrial use. Read on to find out about a few of the most common uses for industrial-grade Air Compressors In Pennsylvania.

Construction Industry

Construction workers often use rotary screw air compressors to power pneumatic equipment and tools like nail guns, compactors, and jackhammers. They’re the most efficient option for drilling, lifting, and handling and are popular across various sectors, including infrastructure development, demolition, and residential and commercial construction.

Manufacturing Applications

The manufacturing industry relies heavily on Air Compressors In Pennsylvania. Compressors form the core of operations at food processing plants, pharmaceutical packaging facilities, and plastics and metal fabrication facilities. They’re also used to power conveyor belts, sprayers, and presses.

Agricultural Industry

Modern agricultural operations are much larger than the family farms of yesteryear, so farmers need access to heavy machinery. Some of these machines, including tractors, sprayers, pumps, and crop conveyors, use compressed air for power. Air compressors are also used in greenhouses and dairy barns to provide ventilation.

Energy Sector

Oil rigs and other energy-sector operations need a safe and dependable source of power to run their extraction equipment. Since air compressors offer spark-free power delivery and stable outputs, they’re perfect for these operations.

HVAC Industry

Heat pumps use air compressors to perform what is known within the HVAC industry as vapor compression refrigeration. In this context, air compressors compress air vapors to raise their temperature, helping to control the unit’s refrigerant cycles. Some traditional HVAC units also make use of air compressors to modulate temperature and signal HVAC systems.

Dry Cleaners

Modern dry cleaners use air compressors to deliver chemicals, operate laundry presses, and apply steam to remove wrinkles. These unique processes couldn’t be performed efficiently without air compression systems.

The Bottom Line

The commercial and industrial uses listed above constitute just a few of the many applications for industrial-grade air compressors. Air Center Inc. supplies not just air compressors but also accessories like air dryers for all applications ranging from residential to industrial. Business owners, industrial manufacturing plant operators, and residential homeowners can all click here to learn more about their products and services.

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