Better Business Solutions for Air Pollution Control in Elkton, MD

We all want clean air. We also wish for prosperity and the industries that bring it. That’s why industrial air pollution control is vital for both — clean air and continued prosperity. Through the use of technology engineered to remove oil-mist and oil smoke produced from various industrial operations, filtration solutions significantly lower the risk of particle contamination. Click the link below to learn how your industry can benefit.

Fiberbed Mist Collectors

Fiberbed Mist Collectors capture, collect and remove liquid mists, aerosols, and small particles causing cloudiness, smoke, and haze. Industries that benefit from using Fiberbed Mist Collector technology include:

  • Asphalt processing
  • Textile processing
  • Precious metal recovery
  • And many more

This proven technology is a cost-effective solution for controlling opacity and odors.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizder

Another industrial air pollution control method utilizes energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions to reduce volatile organic compounds in atmospheric photochemical reactions. Components of the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (VOC) include:

  • Ceramic heat recovery beds capture and reuse the system’s energy to keep fuel costs low.
  • Recaptured heat from the oxidation of the VOCs also reduces fuel use.
  • Regulatory requirements make VOC the preferred oxidation technology for many industrial applications.
  • And much more

Discover more about the many products and services available, including field services, engineering, turnkey installation, and preventive maintenance, by visiting the site below.

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