Color and Light Considerations when Decorating

Apartments for sale in San Francisco Bay area are a delight to decorate but sometimes it can be a challenge finding the right colors. A big misconception when choosing paint colors is that what works in the paint store will work in your apartment. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing your paint colors to be certain they work they way you were expecting.

Lighting Facts
There are a few interesting facts to keep in mind when it comes to color and light:

1. Paint stores do not provide the same ambient light as a common home which means the color in the store will not be the color on your walls.

2. The color chip will look different outside than it will on your walls.

3. The light in your room at one time of day can actually change the appearance of your room’s color at another time of day.

4. Natural daylight will make color appear very different than artificial light and every light bulb will cast a different light all of its own.

How Light Affects Color
Here are some points to consider about your home and the light within when choosing your wall colors:

1. If your room gets the morning light it will warm colors
2. Broad day light will wash colors out making them appear lighter
3. Fading daylight keeps colors neutral
4. Northern light casts a blue shadow
5. Eastern light casts a green shadow
6. Southern light is yellow or white
7. Western light is more orange
8. White artificial light will cool
9. Yellow artificial light will warm

Paint Pots and Paint Sheets
One final tip is that a tiny paint chip is not going to provide a realistic impression of how your room will look. That is why many paint companies have started to provide paint sheets for popular colors instead of the tiny paint chips. As well many paint companies can also provide sample paint pots so you can paint them on the wall and live with them for a while to get a feel for how they truly look.

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