Choosing The Right Size Print And Shape For Your Team Logo Shirts

If you are planning to hire someone to print your team logo shirts, consider the factors that help produce an effective design. As an advertisement for a business, company or local group, you need to reflect on each factor carefully. This will guide you into making the right choice for your team shirts.


When looking at selecting the right team shirts bearing your company’s logo, you have to consider diverse factors. Each can affect the overall look as well as the “selling points” of the shirts. Throughout the process, you must consider what will be the most effective means of marketing your company. A team shirt – specifically one bearing your logo, must demonstrate clearly the business behind it.

Begin by looking at the logo-shirt combination in terms of:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Placement
  • Color

Make sure you talk to a professional t-shirt designer about suggestions for making your logo stand out.

Questions on Team Logo Shirts

Ask yourself several questions concerning the above factors. Make sure you know the answers before you arrange to have the team shirts run off and distributed. At no time should you forget this is about promoting your company or business. This will help you focus on what design is suitable for this purpose.

  • What sized logo will look the most effective?
  • Consider the shape of the logo. Do you have a square, oblong, curved or triangular shaped logo?
  • Try several different placements. Do you want it in a discrete corner of the shirt or emblazoned across the back or front of the team members?
  • Are the logo shirts better in one specific color or another? You need to highlight the logo, bringing to bear its presence on the shirt.

If you want the logo to make a clear connection with your business, design it appropriately. Consider three basic factors: size, shape and placement then work with a professional logo shirts designer to arrive at a profitable solution.